Projects - Round 6

September 2019 to February 2020

For the 6th round of the Prototype Fund, we have chosen an additional thematic focus in addition to the four basic pillars of Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security, and Software Infrastructure:

Commit: Innovate System

Technology plays an increasingly important role in global challenges such as climate change, species extinction and resource scarcity, but (tech) communities are often not resilient enough in terms of personal, financial and knowledge resources to withstand the coming challenges and help shape the world and the environment in a sustainable way.

Demo Day of Round 6.

To the final reports of the projects.

“Data Analyst”- Mode for openSenseMap

We make data analysis accessible to everyone.

Umut Tas

Close lid to encrypt

We encrypt Linux hard disks in sleep mode.

Tim, Jonas

Dark Crystal Social Key Recovery System

We encrypt data using social networks.

Gregory Jones, Mooness Davarian

Emission API

We create access to emission data for a broad public.

Timo Brockmeier, Tina J. Rosemann, Hendrik Kerssen, Lars Kiesow, Sven Haardieck, Simon Kerssen

ESP Independent Solar Energy Mesh Node Firmware

We lower the entrance threshold for a solar-powered communication structure.

Elektra Wagenrad


We identify human rights violations in the production of electrical appliances.

Andreas Fritsch, Sebastian Beschke

Festival Grid

We help to make festivals climate-neutral.

Michael Zöller

Future City Projects

We help to implement self-initiated city projects.

Norbert Rost, Jakob Schumann


We help to make WordPress projects more sustainable.

Christian Neumann

Growing Futures

We enable community-supported agriculture to plan cultivation in line with their needs.

Andreas Gmeiner, Nic Dürr

ibeufin – Freie API und Sandbox für das europäische Finanzsystem

We enable smaller companies to develop and test financial software.

Florian Dold, Marcello Stanisci

JMap for K9 Mail

We integrate jmap into K-9 mail.


MLIftW - Music Licencing Infrastructure for the Web

We are building a fairer and more flexible music licensing system.

Alexander Blum, Thomas Mielke, Christoph Scheid, Udo Spallek, Sarah Stoffels

Multimodal routing engine for wheelchair users and bike messengers

We provide a personalized and barrier-free navigation.

Johannes Lötzsch, Sebastian Tilsch, Neda Sultova, Joerg Zeltner, Christiane Lisa Iden

Sensor.Community - Ökosystem aller Luftdaten-Community-Projekte

We connect different projects of air pollution measurement.

Lukas Mocek, David Lacckovic , Rajko Zschiegner

Stayalive - Insect counter

We document the insect population using artificial intelligence.

Nicola Wettmarshausen & Team