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· 26.May 2023
Not all applications are successful. We collected a number of alternative funding opportunities for those looking to try again.

If it didn't work out this time: alternative funding resources

· 02.Mar 2023
On February 28, 2023, Demo Day marked the conclusion of the 12th round of funding.

Let the sun shine! – Demo Day of the round 12

· 25.May 2022
Ein Gespräch mit Friederike vom Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland.

Public Interest Podcast – Open Source und Nachhaltigkeit, Folge 5

· 13.Apr 2022
Bernard Tyers of Simply Secure interviewed about his work as a coach at Prototype Fund.

Behind the scenes – an interview with our coaching partner Simply Secure

· 31.Mar 2022
Wir haben mit Hadi al-Khatib über seine Arbeit, die Vorteile von Open Source Investigation und deren Entwicklung über die letzten Jahre gesprochen.

Open Source Investigation against human rights violations

· 06.Jan 2022
Noa Tamir and Tobias Sterbak are developing Law in Progress in the 10th round of the Prototype Fund. We asked them how they came up with it, why trial and...

Civic Tech: Insight for all

· 01.Jun 2021
Open-Source-Tools für ein demokratisches Miteinander

Public Interest Podcast – Episode 11

· 27.Apr 2021
Software von Frauen und für Frauen

Public Interest Podcast – Episode 10

· 11.Dec 2020
Wie können Open-Source-Projekte nachhaltig werden?

Public Interest Podcast – Episode 7

· 10.Nov 2020
Wie steht es um Open Source bei Fintechs?

Public Interest Podcast – Episode 6

· 05.Oct 2020
Was ist die digitale Zivilgesellschaft?

Public Interest Podcast – Episode 5

· 03.Aug 2020
Because we want you to be able to make the most of your funding time, here are 12 learnings we think can be useful to anyone who wants to build...

"Do you need that fancy feature?" and 11 other learnings

· 03.Jan 2019
In October 2018, the third cohort of the Prototype Fund officially concluded their funding period. With the third round, we put a focus on “Diversity” in a multitude of narratives...

A red thread in multitudes: What we learned while funding Diversity