These are all the projects of the Prototype Fund.


Data Visualization
Group/Self Organisation




As you know, one of the criteria for our funding projects is that they are open source software and that they publish their source codes after the funding period ends. We believe that ideas that are shared offer new starting points for projects and cooperation. We also want to ensure that funded projects can be maintained and developed in the future.

To make it easy for you as developers to find these sources, we’ve collected them on our GitHub account.


We help to better understand and design algorithmic systems.

Andreas Dewes, Katherine Jarmul


We visualize how third-party online tracking works in real-time.

Princiya Sequeira

Portable Firewall for QubesOS

We develop a resource-saving firewall for QubesOS.

Stefanie Schirmer


We are an open source ticket shop with no major hardware and software hurdles.

Raphael Michel

Real-life Reproducible Builds

We make the supply chains of software production more secure.

Holger 'h01ger' Levsen

Share the Crops

We connect people who are active in community-supported agriculture.

Simon Jockers, Maria Dolecek, Charis Braun

Sign Dict

We are an interactive reference book for sign language.

Bodo Tasche


We bring more female speakers to the panels of this world.

Maren Heltsche, Tyranja

Syrian Archive

We collect and verify eyewitness reports from conflict areas centrally on our platform.

Hadi Al Khatib, Jeff Deutch, Nikolas Para


We use Machine Learning to facilitate the capture of text documents.

Natalie Widmann


We are a software for voice training for trans people.

Yvonne Reinhardt, Saskia Gennrich

“Data Analyst”- Mode for openSenseMap

We make data analysis accessible to everyone.

Umut Tas


We bridge language barriers for more accessibility in theatres and operas.

Kristian Kamph, ,


We build a personalised noise filter based on Machine Learning.

Peggy Sylopp, Aislyn Rose

A different Election-o-Meter

We are a Wahl-O-Mat based on the previous behaviour of a party.

Vincent Ahrend

ACCID - Automated Clustering of Conflict Incident Data

We are developing an automated tool for clustering digital content.

Hadi al Khatib, Jeff Deutch, Nikolas Para


We simplify operations for emergency services.

Andreas Brain


We record the capacity utilisation of shops and display it to customers.

Annotate & Chill

We show from which sources information has been obtained.

Simon Wörpel


We are a graphical survey tool for perceived truths.

David Goldwich, Tin Fischer

arso – Decentralised archives for community media

We make digital content permanently and decentrally accessible.

Franz Heinzmann , Laura Rebekka Rosengarten, Matthias Sievers, Alex Nieß, Moritz Brock-Wenzek

Automated Hardware-Test-System for OpenWrt

We enable the automated and structured testing of various devices.

Alexander "lynxis"Couzens

Automated Open Data City Census

We show how transparent and open Germany’s cities are.

Mila Frerichs

Bitmask enhanced VPN for Android

We offer a simple VPN client with all important security features.

Richard Johannes


We help users to create their own encrypted social networks.

Julia Friesel, Manuela Blechschmidt

Blue Light Planner

We simplify the planning of emergency doctors and ambulances.

Christian Strunz, Adrian Stabiszewski

Briar Mailbox

We are an encrypted messenger app that stores only the messages on the users’ devices.

Julian Dehm, Benedikt Wieder

Bright Sky

We make weather data easier to access.

Jakob de Maeyer


We are a platform for the discussion of specific political projects.

Magnus Rembold


We enable dynamic conversation processes in the digital space.

Anke Riemer, ,

Civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Center

We simplify cooperation for people involved in sea rescue.

Lea Reisner, Jonas Wiegert, Nicolas Zemke


We use virtual reality to make climate change tangible for students.

Julian Fürstenau, Robert Greve, Julian Fürstenau, Michael Pogorzhelskiy

Clinical Capacity Management

We provide efficient and forward-looking planning of intensive care capacities.

Close lid to encrypt

We encrypt Linux hard disks in sleep mode.

Tim, Jonas


We respond to the insecurity of citizens with AI-supported information hotlines.


We enable more people to participate in financial decisions.

Jessy-Kate Schingler, Francesca Pick, Kate Beecroft, Michael Arnoldus, Juliana Lopker


We offer a barrier-free source code editor.

Adrian Heine, Marijn Haverbeke


We ensure the supply of food to endangered population groups.


Wir bauen eine Kollaborationsplattform für den wissenschaftlichen Austausch über Publikationen zum Coronavirus.


We network the carers and clients of child and youth services with each other.

Commons Booking

We facilitate the sharing process of common used items.

Florian Egermann

Community Garden App

We simplify organisation and cooperation for city garden projects.

Johannes Lötzsch, Sebastian Tilsch, Claudia Rüdiger


We integrate refugees into their neighbourhood.

Christian Rotzoll, Patrick Pachur


We reduce the workload of nursing staff and help patients to become more independent.

Michael Kamphausen


We respond to the insecurity of citizens with AI-supported information hotlines.


Wir denken staatliche Kommunikation neu und stellen verifizierte Informationen überall im Netz bereit.


We are an activist wiki.

crabgrass dev team


We make filter bubbles visible.

Sebastian Meier, Daniel Lommes

Cypherlock – Coercion Resistant Storage

We help investigative journalists to encrypt their data in emergency situations.


Dark Crystal Social Key Recovery System

We encrypt data using social networks.

Gregory Jones, Mooness Davarian


We prepare statistical data from the federal state offices in a clear and concise manner.

Simon Jockers, Simon Wörpel


We educate young people about the protection of personal data.

Nastasja Krohe, Annemarie Hobach, Julian Dehm

DDD: Digitize German Documents

We extract continuous text from PDFs.

Johannes Filter


We help citizens to stay informed about current regulations concerning COVID-19. - infrastructure for representation of civil society´s interests

We enable digital participation procedures for citizens’ initiatives.

Maria Haberer, Boris Hekele, Andreas Hellwig


We ensure the anonymity of devices in public networks.



We relieve cancer patients with intuitive and modular cancer management.

Christian Schulz, , , , ,

Digitales Wartezimmer UX

We offer COVID-19 patients a central, digital point of contact – from suspected cases to testing, quarantine and recovery.

Dingsda - ze internet of dings

We are a network for sharing things.

Jan Philip Steimel

Direct Democracy Digital

We help to organise referendums.

Laura Brämswig, , , ,

Diversity Tickets

We ensure more diversity at technology conferences.

Jessica Grzanna, Candela Jiménez Girón


We convert suggestions for improvement of online tools into specific tasks.

Andreas Pittrich

Documents for Democracy

We enable collaborative work with document software from different providers.

Yasmin Klemmt, Svante Schubert, Lars Behrmann


We help to document the own menstrual cycle locally and encrypted.

Marie Kochsiek, Tina Baumann, Julia Friesel


We can inform you about how many people are really ill with COVID-19.

Dystonse - probability-based public transport route search

We enhance people’ s trust in public transport.

Kirstin Rohwer, Lena Schimmel

E-Mail Account-Administration with Self-Service

We help users to manage their encrypted email accounts themselves.


Election Data Helper

We prepare open source election data in an exciting and creative way.

Jan Kus, Tatjana Lajendäcker

Emergency Warning System for Open Source Mobile Communication

We democratise the availability of mobile phone warning systems.

Harald Welte

Emission API

We create access to emission data for a broad public.

Timo Brockmeier, Tina J. Rosemann, Hendrik Kerssen, Lars Kiesow, Sven Haardieck, Simon Kerssen


We provide an overview of various scenarios for the energy revolution.

Jonas Hörsch

ESP Independent Solar Energy Mesh Node Firmware

We lower the entrance threshold for a solar-powered communication structure.

Elektra Wagenrad

Ethidat - the CO2 database

We show how much CO2 businesses produce.

Lars Wissler, Elias Philipp


We provide an interactive map showing which municipality receives how much money from the EU.

Emoke Bada, Balazs Bonis, Balazs Krich


We show how COVID-19 measures affect the activities in public space.

Explain Corona4Kids

We make the COVID 19 pandemic comprehensible to children.

Eye Skills

We treat strabismus with the help of a mobile phone game.

Thomas Senior

Eye Skills at Home

We treat strabismus with the help of virtual reality.

Thomas Senior


We make eye tracking useable for people with disabilities.

Hannah Ricksgers, Jana Tempes, Markus Hörmann, Maximilian Besold


We simplify utilisation management for open workshops.

Kai Kriegel, , , ,

Facts for Friends

We help to refute false information about COVID-19 quickly and effectively.


We identify human rights violations in the production of electrical appliances.

Andreas Fritsch, Sebastian Betsch

Fake Files

We help to expose recurring false reports quickly.

Karolin Schwarz, Simon Wörpel

Festival Grid

We help to make festivals climate-neutral.

Michael Zöller

Filtering Hate Speech

We inform users about Machine Learning without hate comments.

Johannes Filter


We offer the possibility to record online interviews in cinema quality in the browser.

Volker Grassmuck, Donald Harvey, Jamie King


We make access to information on the condition and planning of the Berlin cycling infrastructure easily accessible.

Boris Hekele, Heiko Rintelen

Follow the Grant

We store on our website which doctors and scientists have received funds from companies.

Elena Erdmann, Hristio Boytchev, Karl Scholze, Simon Wörpel

Food Rescue App

We show how Iong the shelf life of food really is.

Matthias Ansorg, Micha Gattinger


We connect and coordinate food savers.

Raphael Wintrich


We help hosts to organize community events more easily.

Mario Manno


We improve the discussion capabilities of web videos.

Joscha Jäger

Freigeist – digital prostheses for cognitive limitations

We develop digital prostheses for increased participation of people with cognitive impairments in their daily work.

Michael Thieke

Future City Projects

We help to implement self-initiated city projects.

Norbert Rost, Jakob Schumann

Gemeinde Cockpit - Dashboard für Entscheider*innen

We are an intuitive platform for the digitalization of church life.


We depict the development of gentrification in an understandable way.

Melanie Thewlis


We enable the collaborative collection and processing of geographical data.

Moritz Duchêne


We enable the addition of new geodata in OpenStreetMap.

Adrian Stabiszewski

get it!

We support local shops during the crisis.


We create a playful approach to learning Git.

blinry, bleeptrack

Global Agriculture Information Platform (GAIPA)

We prepare information on agriculture for small farmers in developing countries in an understandable way.

Jan Schwabe, Toni Hassenmeier


We vectorise OpenStreetMap maps.

Thomas Skowron


We help to make WordPress projects more sustainable.

Christian Neumann

Growing Futures

We enable community-supported agriculture to plan cultivation in line with their needs.

Andreas Gmeiner, Nic Dürr


We help to send data protection queries to website operators.

Benedikt Kaffai


We support the onboarding and theoretical training of healthcare personnel.

HundredEyes - a tool for trust-building measures

We create new perspectives for local journalism.

Astrid Csuraji, Jakob Vicari

ibeufin – Freie API und Sandbox für das europäische Finanzsystem

We enable smaller companies to develop and test financial software.

Florian Dold, Marcello Stanisci


We protect the identity of citizens.

Sina Beckstein, Julian Rösner


We refer COVID-19 recoveries to institutions that need support.

Independent Solar Energy Mesh System (ISEMS)

We offer users the opportunity to set up their own communication network independent of the power grid.

Elektra Wagenrad, Monic Meisel, Knut Hühne

Infrastructure for Cashless Payments without Surveillance

We enable cashless transactions while protecting your privacy.

Florian Dold

JMap for K9 Mail

We integrate jmap into K-9 mail.



We are a digital platform that brings companies together quickly and easily for temporary staff exchanges.


We enable the secure storage of health data in the Nextcloud.

Aysel Afsar, Evren Ozkan, Armin Moehrle, Sanya Glisic

LabHive – die digitale Plattform für ein starkes Diagnostiknetzwerk

We are joining forces for more SARS-CoV-2 tests.

Law & Orga

We support Refugee Law Clinics so that they can offer even better advice.

Dominik Walser


We make speculative real estate vacancies visible.



We support neighbourhood help organisations in reaching people without internet access.


We show the potential for manipulation of automated image recognition systems.

Katharina Rasch


We facilitate the deployment of trainees in healthcare facilities.

Media Uncovered

We analyze the language usage of news portals for political and ideological tendencies.

Natalie Widmann, Theo van den Boogart

We make data collected by fine dust measuring devices visible.

Timo Lundelius, Marcel Beledin, Lukas Mocek, Jan A. Lutz

We are an intuitive platform for the digitalization of church life.


We provide low-threshold information and personalised support services for mental health promotion and mental health problems.


We enable the use of Android apps without the integration of Google Play services.

Marvin Wißfeld


We provide a data-based, detailed overview of the development of rent rates.

Jakob Simmer


We offer tenants an online tool to enforce the cap on rent increases.

Vincent Ahrend

ML Tooling

We make machine learning accessible to a larger audience.

Lukas Masuch, Benjamin Räthlein, Jan Kalkan

ML-based Translation for LibreOffice Writer

We develop a locally executable translation service based on AI.

Thomas Viehmann

MLIftW - Music Licencing Infrastructure for the Web

We are building a fairer and more flexible music licensing system.

Alexander Blum, Thomas Mielke, Christoph Scheid, Udo Spallek, Sarah Stoffels

Multimodal routing engine for wheelchair users and bike messengers

We provide a personalized and barrier-free navigation.

Johannes Lötzsch, Sebastian Tilsch, Neda Sultova, Joerg Zeltner, Christiane Lisa Iden


We make human rights violation data accessible securely.

Hadi Al Khatib, Giovanni Civardi, Christo Buschek

Nextcloud Collectives

We simplify collaboration for social movements in the cloud.

Azul, Jonas

Nuclear Waste Treasure Map

We search online together with the users for suitable final storage locations for nuclear waste.

Solveig Schröder, Bernd Marticke, Henrik Eliasson


We protect public infrastructure from hacking attacks.

Alexander Wamack


We distribute the load of the Tor network better among individual relays and thus help to make it accessible to more people.


Open Metro Maps

We help users to produce free-to-use map material about public transport.

Sebastian Kürten

Open Research on COVID-19

We provide a simple data retrieval model for scientific publications around Covid-19.

Open Source Council Information System

We make information on municipal politics easily accessible.

Konstantin Schütze, Tobias Hößl

Open Source Push Service for Android Apps

We offer push news for providers outside the large, proprietary app stores.

Marcus Hoffmann


We mediate food surpluses to those in need.

OPENLEGALDATA.IO – Open Legal Data Platform

We are making jurisdiction more transparent.

Saskia Friederike Ostendorff , Till Blume, Jonas Langhabel, Malte Schwarzer


We remove personal data from texts.

Pascal Berrang, Jonas Langhabel, Malte Ostendorff, Saskia Ostendorff

We use a pandemic simulator to show how the COVID-19 curve can be influenced and optimized.

Pallia – Gemeinsam Gehen

We enable digital terminal care in times of social distancing.


We are building an EU-compatible software for digital invoices.

Svante Schubert, Yasmin Klemmt


We offer a secure photo library with image recognition.

Robert Buchholz

Platform for Transcriptions

We transcribe voice recordings on our website.

Matthias Hannich

Pluggable transports for LEAP: self-hosted VPN

We offer an easy to set up VPN client.

Michiel Nuyts, Richard Johannes


We are a social media analysis tool for the non-commercial sector.

Martin Fuchs, Niels Richter, Jona Hölderle


We ensure the availability of breathing masks using 3D printing.


We reduce the burden on health authorities and make the data they collect more easily available.


We ensure that the results of scientific research are reproducible and transparent.

Simon Danisch

Recovery Cat

We help people with diseases to generate continuous and confidential health reports.

Alissa Rohrbach, Alexey Rodriguez Yakushev, Andreas Pittrich

Right-wing violence at the front door

We show how many violent acts of right-wing extremism are committed in Germany.

Anna Neifer, Johannes Filter


We help to evaluate acts of extreme right-wing violence.

Christoph Trost

RiseupVPN - OONI - IPv6

We improve RiseupVPN by making it more robust against censorship attempts.

Richard Johannes, Michiel Nuyts

We enable people without prior knowledge to build a digital infrastructure themselves.

Hannes Mehnert, Stefanie Schirmer

Robust OpenVPN Client With Low Use of Resources

We offer a simple yet robust VPN client.

Hannes Mehnert


We prevent unsafe breathing masks from being circulated.


We secure mailing lists against surveillance.

schleuder dev team

Search and Rescue Application

We help the civil sea rescue service to coordinate missions.

Joshua Krüger, Nicolas Zemke, Hendrik Simon


We enable whistleblowers to transmit their information to journalists in a protected manner.


Self-hosted Web-Archive (Web-Memex)

We enable users to save entire websites on their own computer.


Sensor.Community - Ökosystem aller Luftdaten-Community-Projekte

We connect different projects of air pollution measurement.

Lukas Mocek, David Lacckovic , Rajko Zschiegner


We make robotics and AI accessible to people.

Matthias Kubisch, Felix Just

Sex Education for All

We are developing a learning and exchange platform for young people on the subject of sexuality.

Cornelia Blum


We are a decentralized image processing and sharing platform.

Jan Bölsche


We facilitate exchange and networking for locally involved groups.

Konrad, Lars, Robert


We uncover digital stalking.

Petra Hagemann, Uli Fouquet

STATISTIK ERKLÄRT – Explorable Explanations for Regional Statistics

We explain the background of official statistics in a way that more people feel confident to work with them.

Patricia Ennenbach, Christian Rijke, Simon Jockers

Stayalive - Insect counter

We document the insect population using artificial intelligence.

Nicola Wettmarshausen & Team

Staying Live

We provide secure streaming for all browsers.

Yoshua Wuyts


We complete the OpenStreetMap using gamification.

Tobias Zwick


We help social organisations to optimise their advisory processes and facilitate access to them.

Richard Meinsen, Christoph Haufe


We connect people with different expertises.

Andreas Baldeau, Henry Bubert, Torben Spieker, Kathia von Roth, Sascha Wollin

The digital stage

We provide performing artists* with a smooth online rehearsal.

The Open Green Web

We accelerate the transition of the Internet to the use of renewable energies.

Chris Adams


We improve video navigation on

Sebastian Morr

Trustping - secure connections, for people with cancer

We provide a platform where people with cancer can communicate in a protected environment.

Anke Nowottne, Stefan Otte

Undo Ransomware

We protect data from ransom software using machine learning.

Matthias Held, Matthias Fratz


We are web app for anonymous collaboration on documents.

Nicolas Zemke, Yuliya Kochetkova


We offer a computer vision tool for use in humanitarian operations.

Adam Harvey


We scour the net for videos of human rights violations.

Adam Harvey


We enable activists to easily produce high-quality video clips.

Felix Held

VISOR (Visualisation Instrument for Shared Open pRocesses)

We facilitate participation in the urban development process.

Robert Wartenberg, Stefan Maka


We improve the quality for live transmission of lectures.

Patrick Hoffmann


We enable people to discover local shops in their vicinity.

Your Voice

We help users to synthesize their voice.

Thomas Werkmeister

Zeit Zuhause

We facilitate digital knowledge transfer.