The Prototype Fund team provides advice and support to the projects during the funding period. In addition to project support and program management, the Prototype Fund conducts research – for example, on the question of how the community of freelance developers and the innovation potential from society can be promoted and used. In addition, the team works on the continuous development of the program, because that is also what the Prototype Fund is: a prototype itself.

Marie Gutbub

Co-Director / Program Management & Events


Marie manages the Prototype Fund together with Patricia. She is also responsible for the events and the management of the funding projects. She studied cultural journalism and researched new models for online journalism platforms. Since then, she has worked as a freelance journalist, campaigner, communications officer, infosec trainer and event organizer for various projects in journalism, privacy and open source.



Patricia Leu

Co-Director / Communication and Content


Patricia manages the Prototype Fund together with Marie. She is also responsible for the communication of the Prototype Fund and for the management of the funding projects. She studied religion and culture in Berlin and did research on medial discourse hegemony. Previously, she worked in the campaign and communication teams of various NGOs and was responsible for the press and public relations of an association.


Claudia Jach


Claudia is a political scientist and responsible for the accompanying research at Prototype Fund. She researches thematic priorities and evaluates the effectiveness and sustainability of the funding instrument. She has worked a lot on international politics and human rights in the past and is interested in whether, how and why people and technologies come together.


Francesca Giacco

Student assistant


Francesca is a student assistant with a focus on tech in the Prototype Fund. She helps with the organisation of events and with the supervision of funded projects. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Data Science for Public Policy and has previously studied Economics and Social Sciences.



Felizitas Fauther

Student Assistant


Feli works as a student assistant with a focus in communication at the Prototype Fund. She supports Patricia in communicating with the funded projects and in the Prototype Fund. Feli is studying cultural science and is an intercultural tutor. Apart from that, she is also dancing.



Adriana Groh

Head of Program Management

Adriana is the director of Prototype Fund and responsible for the further development of the program, the projects’ network and controlling. She studied Public Policy and Democratic Innovations in Maastricht and did research on participation in the EU. Previously she was a Fellow at LaunchBase Incubator and Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. After her studies she founded the project Wepublic and started a Civic-Tech-App for the federal election 2017 at the Code for Germany Wahlsalon event.


Katharina Meyer

Head of Research

At Prototype Fund, Katharina heads the accompanying scientific research on topics and innovation processes and is responsible for the further development of the programme and its network. She is a STS scholar and investigates social development environments of digital infrastructure. With Polynocular Tech Lab she was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies. Previously, she was a research fellow at the Centre for Digital Cultures and project lead for Digital Humanities at OKFN.

Thomas Friese

Program Management & Technologies

Thomas supervises the grantee projects, monitors their progress and is consulting the Prototype Fund team as well as the funded coders in technology questions. He is a generalist, DJ and most recently worked as a system administrator, dev and development operator. He already knows the OKFN through his repeated support as a mentor of Jugend hackt and in public outreach. With Lifehacks and project infrastructure alike, we benefit from his solid vocational training.


Elisa Lindinger

Elisa is a researcher and FOSS advocate. As former director of Prototype Fund and volunteer supporter of tech projects, Elisa wants to find out how to best support free and open source software projects. She also has a noob blog about the joys of open source software. As a trained archaeologist, Elisa has been working at the interface of culture and computer science for several years.

Julia Kloiber

Julia initiated the Prototype Fund in 2016 together with Cosmin Cabulea. In the following years she was responsible for the conception and implementation of the program. In her projects and work, she investigates the influence of technology on society, is currently partner at Ashoka Germany, has co-founded the Superrr Lab and continues to support the Prototype Fund team in word and deed.

Fiona Krakenbürger

Fiona has been the Community Organizer of the Civic Tech Network Code for Germany before she joined the Prototype Fund as Program Manager. Until 2019, she was responsible for project management and managed the operational activities of the program. Since January 2019 she has been part of the Open Technology Fund team based in Washington D.C. as Program Manager.

Eileen Wagner

Eileen helped to build the Prototype Fund as Content Manager. She was responsible for design, communication and infrastructure, and provided administrative support for the grantees. She continues to work on creating open, secure and values-driven technologies – now from the perspective of human-centered design. She is also consulting Prototype Fund grantees as a UX coach of Simply Secure .