The Prototype Fund team provides advice and support to the projects during the funding period. In addition to project support and program management, the Prototype Fund conducts research – for example, on the question of how the community of freelance developers and the innovation potential from society can be promoted and used. In addition, the team works on the continuous development of the program, because that is also what the Prototype Fund is: a prototype itself.

Team Members

Marie Kreil

Co-Director / Program Management


Marie manages the Prototype Fund together with Patricia. She also manages the projects during their funding period. She studied cultural journalism and researched new models for online journalism platforms. Since then, she has worked as a freelance journalist, campaigner, communications officer, infosec trainer and event organizer for various projects in journalism, privacy and open source.




Patricia Leu

Co-Director / Communication and Content


Patricia manages the Prototype Fund together with Marie. She is also responsible for the communication of the Prototype Fund. She studied religion and culture in Berlin and did research on medial discourse hegemony. Previously, she worked in public relations for various NGOs.


Porträtbild Sophia Schulze Schleithoff

Sophia Schulze Schleithoff

Accompanying Research


Sophia is responsible for conducting accompanying research and for organising events at the Prototype Fund. She studied politics, economics, and philosophy in Hamburg.


Francesca Giacco

Student assistant


Francesca is a student assistant with a focus on tech in the Prototype Fund. She manages the funded projects and helps with the organisation of events. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Data Science for Public Policy and has previously studied Economics and Social Sciences.



Porträbild Paul Robben

Paul Robben

Communication and Project Management


Paul is responsible for communication and project management at the Prototype Fund. He studied mathematics and is active in the climate justice movement. Previously, he worked at BUND e.V., where he organized the Bits & Bäume Conference 2022.



Claudia Jach



Felizitas Fauther

Jessica Binsch

Cosmin Cabulea

Thomas Friese

Katharina Meyer

Adriana Groh

Julia Kloiber

Fiona Krakenbürger

Elisa Lindinger

Joram Schwartzmann

Eileen Wagner