Code of Conduct

Every person is welcome at Prototype Fund

Be considerate of one another.

You have the right to be treated fairly. No one has the right to threaten you, blackmail you, insult you, treat you in a denigrating way, verbally attack you or hurt you. What is too much for you is for you to decide, no one else. If you are not sure what another person’s boundaries are, ask.

You have the right to decide for yourself how close someone comes to you, when, how and where. No one may touch you against your will.

You have the right to say NO and defend yourself when someone crosses your boundaries or hurts your or someone else’s feelings. You can say NO with your facial expression, words or body posture. Even if you have already said YES once.

Be aware that people from different cultures have different ways of expressing their boundaries and needs. A NO can be expressed in different ways. Do your best to understand other people’s signals.

You have the right to seek support for yourself and others. If you need help, contact the Prototype Fund team member you trust.