Projects - Round 5

March 2019 until August 2019

For the 5th round of the Prototype Fund we have picked an additional thematic focus in addition to the four basic pillars of the program, Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure:

Letting machines learn-technologies for our futures

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are on everyone’s lips – but they are not (yet) in our hands. With the focus of the 5th cohort, we wanted to encourage more people to help shape new technologies ™ and thus our future.

Demo Day of Round 5.

To the final reports of the projects.

Portable Firewall for QubesOS

We develop a resource-saving firewall for QubesOS.

Stefanie Schirmer


We build a personalised noise filter based on Machine Learning.

Peggy Sylopp, Aislyn Rose


We make filter bubbles visible.

Sebastian Meier, Daniel Lommes

Cypherlock – Coercion Resistant Storage

We help investigative journalists to encrypt their data in emergency situations.

Frank Rieger


We educate young people about the protection of personal data.

Nastasja Krohe, Annemarie Hobach, Julian Dehm

Emergency Warning System for Open Source Mobile Communication

We democratise the availability of mobile phone warning systems.

Harald Welte


We provide an overview of various scenarios for the energy revolution.

Jonas Hörsch

Eye Skills at Home

We treat strabismus with the help of virtual reality.

Thomas Senior

Filtering Hate Speech

We inform users about Machine Learning without hate comments.

Johannes Filter

Infrastructure for Cashless Payments without Surveillance

We enable cashless transactions while protecting your privacy.

Florian Dold


We show the potential for manipulation of automated image recognition systems.

Katharina Rasch


We enable the use of Android apps without the integration of Google Play services.

Marvin Wißfeld


We provide a data-based, detailed overview of the development of rent rates.

Jakob Simmer

ML-based Translation for LibreOffice Writer

We develop a locally executable translation service based on AI.

Thomas Viehmann

Open Source Push Service for Android Apps

We offer push news for providers outside the large, proprietary app stores.

Marcus Hoffmann


We offer a secure photo library with image recognition.

Robert Buchholz

Platform for Transcriptions

We transcribe voice recordings on our website.

Matthias Hannich

Robust OpenVPN Client With Low Use of Resources

We offer a simple yet robust VPN client.

Hannes Mehnert

The Open Green Web

We accelerate the transition of the Internet to the use of renewable energies.

Chris Adams

Undo Ransomware

We protect data from ransom software using machine learning.

Matthias Held, Matthias Fratz


We offer a computer vision tool for use in humanitarian operations.

Adam Harvey

Your Voice

We help users to synthesize their voice.

Thomas Werkmeister