02.Mar 2023

Let the sun shine! – Demo Day of the round 12

On a beautiful winter day, the doors opened for the Demo Day of Round 12 on February 28, 2023. It was a great pleasure to see both the many people we have supported for six months on the way to their prototype and to welcome the many guests who wanted to see these prototypes live in action.

The mood was as good as the weather as experts and laymen, old hares and young hoppers and people with questions and people with answers met in Berlin-Kreuzberg. For a whole day, visitors were able to exchange ideas, discuss technologies, find input and – of course – try out demos.

On this Tuesday in February, about 130 participants came to the Demo Day at bUm and first listened to the keynote by khaleesi (Elina Eickstädt). Elina is one of the spokespersons of the alliance “Chatkontrolle Stoppen!”, a member of the CCC and works in the field of IT security. In her keynote, she talked about the importance of data security as a fundamental part of all software developments. She said that data security included from the very beginning is an act of solidarity, because it also protects those who cannot protect themselves in any other way for various reasons.

The exciting keynote was followed by the centerpiece of every Demo Day: the presentations! In talks and thematic panels, participants showed the results of their work over the last six months and answered questions from the audience. In addition, visitors were able to try out many project results as live demos and talk to the developers. The guests thus gained an interesting insight into the development of open source software and the associated challenges.

At the end of the day and thus of the funding phase, we can only wish the 21 projects the very best for the future and keep our fingers crossed that the prototypes can be developed further in the long term!

We would like to thank all participants for the wonderful day and look forward to many more Demo Days.

Here you can find all projects of the 12th round. 

Let the sun shine! – Demo Day of the round 12