Projects - Round 4

September 2018 until February 2019

For the 4th round of the Prototype Fund we have picked an additional thematic focus in addition to the four basic pillars of the program, Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure:

Power to the Users!

Open Source as a principle has the potential to empower users and to improve the Internet in regard to parameters such as decentralization, openness and security. These projects implement this approach in exemplary fashion.

Photos from Demo Day Round 4.

To the final reports of the projects.


We visualize how third-party online tracking works in real-time.

Princiya Sequeira

Real-life Reproducible Builds

We make the supply chains of software production more secure.

Holger 'h01ger' Levsen

arso – Decentralised archives for community media

We make digital content permanently and decentrally accessible.

Franz Heinzmann , Laura Rebekka Rosengarten, Matthias Sievers, Alex Nieß, Moritz Brock-Wenzek

Automated Hardware-Test-System for OpenWrt

We enable the automated and structured testing of various devices.

Alexander "lynxis"Couzens


We help users to create their own encrypted social networks.

Julia Friesel, Manuela Blechschmidt

Dingsda - ze internet of dings

We are a network for sharing things.

Jan Philip Steimel

E-Mail Account-Administration with Self-Service

We help users to manage their encrypted email accounts themselves.


Freigeist – digital prostheses for cognitive limitations

We develop digital prostheses for increased participation of people with cognitive impairments in their daily work.

Michael Thieke


We help to send data protection queries to website operators.

Benedikt Kaffai

We make data collected by fine dust measuring devices visible.

Timo Lundelius, Marcel Beledin, Lukas Mocek, Jan A. Lutz


We distribute the load of the Tor network better among individual relays and thus help to make it accessible to more people.


OPENLEGALDATA.IO – Open Legal Data Platform

We are making jurisdiction more transparent.

Saskia Friederike Ostendorff, Till Blume, Jonas Langhabel, Malte Schwarzer


We are building an EU-compatible software for digital invoices.

Svante Schubert, Yasmin Klemmt

Pluggable transports for LEAP: self-hosted VPN

We offer an easy to set up VPN client.

Michiel Nuyts, Richard Johannes


We enable whistleblowers to transmit their information to journalists in a protected manner.



We make robotics and AI accessible to people.

Matthias Kubisch, Felix Just


We are a decentralized image processing and sharing platform.

Jan Bölsche


We uncover digital stalking.

Petra Hagemann, Uli Fouquet


We are web app for anonymous collaboration on documents.

Nicolas Zemke, Yuliya Kochetkova