Finalists - Round 1

March 2017 until August 2017

Round 1 served as a general assessment of the Open Source field.
Projects from the four core funding areas were funded without a special focus:

  • Civic Tech: Digital tools for citizens
  • Data Literacy: Applications around the use and analysis of (open) data and thepromotion of a sovereign data practice.
  • Data security: Tools with a focus on privacy, secure communication/data transfer and data economy.
  • Software infrastructure: Software and tools that enable and simplify the operation of projects mentioned above.

The Demo Day of Round 1 – and the video.

The final reports of the projects.


We help to better understand and design algorithmic systems.

Andreas Dewes, Katherine Jarmul

Sign Dict

We are an interactive reference book for sign language.

Bodo Tasche


We bring more female speakers to the panels of this world.

Maren Heltsche, Tyranja

Syrian Archive

We collect and verify eyewitness reports from conflict areas centrally on our platform.

Hadi Al Khatib, Jeff Deutch, Nikolas Para

Commons Booking

We facilitate the sharing process of common used items.

Florian Egermann


We ensure the anonymity of devices in public networks.



We offer the possibility to record online interviews in cinema quality in the browser.

Volker Grassmuck, Donald Harvey, Jamie King


We make access to information on the condition and planning of the Berlin cycling infrastructure easily accessible.

Boris Hekele, Heiko Rintelen


We connect and coordinate food savers.

Raphael Wintrich


We help hosts to organize community events more easily.

Mario Manno


We improve the discussion capabilities of web videos.

Joscha Jäger


We depict the development of gentrification in an understandable way.

Melanie Thewlis


We enable the addition of new geodata in OpenStreetMap.

Adrian Stabiszewski


We vectorise OpenStreetMap maps.

Thomas Skowron


We offer tenants an online tool to enforce the cap on rent increases.

Vincent Ahrend


We secure mailing lists against surveillance.

schleuder dev team