Finalisten-Projekte - #WirVsVirus

In the course of the #WirVsVirus hackathon, which took place as an online hackathon from March 20 to 22, 2020, with the aim of pooling the creative potential of civil society and working together on solutions to the many challenges posed by Covid-19, numerous great projects were created on a wide variety of focal points.

Here we present to you the 34 projects that we are funding as part of the support program together with the BMBF and the DLR for three months in the summer of 2020 to quickly develop the solution ideas into prototypes as open source software and make them usable.


We record the capacity utilisation of shops and display it to customers.

Clinical Capacity Management

We provide efficient and forward-looking planning of intensive care capacities.


We respond to the insecurity of citizens with AI-supported information hotlines.


We ensure the supply of food to endangered population groups.


Wir bauen eine Kollaborationsplattform für den wissenschaftlichen Austausch über Publikationen zum Coronavirus.


We network the carers and clients of child and youth services with each other.


We respond to the insecurity of citizens with AI-supported information hotlines.


Wir denken staatliche Kommunikation neu und stellen verifizierte Informationen überall im Netz bereit.


We help citizens to stay informed about current regulations concerning COVID-19.

Digitales Wartezimmer UX

We offer COVID-19 patients a central, digital point of contact – from suspected cases to testing, quarantine and recovery.


We can inform you about how many people are really ill with COVID-19.


We show how COVID-19 measures affect the activities in public space.

Explain Corona4Kids

We make the COVID 19 pandemic comprehensible to children.

Facts for Friends

We help to refute false information about COVID-19 quickly and effectively.

Gemeinde Cockpit - Dashboard für Entscheider*innen

We are an intuitive platform for the digitalization of church life.

get it!

We support local shops during the crisis.


We support the onboarding and theoretical training of healthcare personnel.


We refer COVID-19 recoveries to institutions that need support.


We are a digital platform that brings companies together quickly and easily for temporary staff exchanges.

LabHive – die digitale Plattform für ein starkes Diagnostiknetzwerk

We are joining forces for more SARS-CoV-2 tests.


We support neighbourhood help organisations in reaching people without internet access.


We facilitate the deployment of trainees in healthcare facilities.

We are an intuitive platform for the digitalization of church life.


We provide low-threshold information and personalised support services for mental health promotion and mental health problems.

Open Research on COVID-19

We provide a simple data retrieval model for scientific publications around Covid-19.


We mediate food surpluses to those in need.

We use a pandemic simulator to show how the COVID-19 curve can be influenced and optimized.

Pallia – Gemeinsam Gehen

We enable digital terminal care in times of social distancing.


We ensure the availability of breathing masks using 3D printing.


We reduce the burden on health authorities and make the data they collect more easily available.


We prevent unsafe breathing masks from being circulated.

The digital stage

We provide performing artists* with a smooth online rehearsal.


We enable people to discover local shops in their vicinity.

Zeit Zuhause

We facilitate digital knowledge transfer.