Projects - Round 9

March 2021 to August 2021

For the 9th round of the Prototype Fund, we have not chosen an additional thematic focus besides the four basic pillars of civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure.

You can read the background to this as well as the overarching findings from the accompanying research for round 9 in this blog post. The accompanying research report can be found here.

Demo Week of Round 9.

To the final reports of the projects.


We help people with visual impairments to greater mobility.


We improve the operation of BigBlueButton clusters.

Annika Hannig


We are the open, machine-readable hospital database.

Ulf Köther, Malte Schubert, Steven Rentzsch, Philipp Molitor

Cobox - building blocks for a cooperative cloud

We provide secure data storage on a cooperative basis.

Mooness Davarian, Gregory Jones


We offer a secure and open chat server.

Timo Kösters

cooarchi: community oriented archive interface

We create collaborative archives for the cultural sector.

Jonathan Meyer, Kathia von Roth, Michael Scholl, Lukas Fuchsgruber, Luna Nane

Digital Evidence Toolkit

We legitimize and facilitate digital evidence.

Basile Simon

We are the central database for donation centers.

Bhushan Lodha, Melina Rüttimann


We help document femicides in Germany.

Lisa Passing

Forest Fire App Kit

We help fire departments to tackle forest fires more effectively.

Mo Zielinski, Sebastian Kürten


We provide entry points into the political system.

Norbert Rost, Jakob Schumann, Philipp Munzert, Tina Hoffmann, Pauline Grahlmann, Frieder Jacobi


We inform people about construction projects in their neighborhoods.

Bodo Tasche


We make votes in the European Parliament transparent.

Till Prochaska, Linus Hagemann


We are a search engine for open source code.

Jan Hartmann, Henrik Eliasson

JavaScript XMPP Client

We are an open and federated video and audio conferencing tool.

Klaus Herberth

Local Emission Framework

We help counties, cities and municipalities to communicate their climate strategies efficiently.

Frederik Timme, Niklas Stein, Florian Edelkötter, Tino Rohmund


We simplify the learning of job-related vocabulary.

Lukas Böhm, Julia Götz, Raphael Hepperle, Ulrike Hösl, Daniel Kehne, Stefanie Metzger, Sven Seeberg, Oliver Sieberling, Julia Wohlhüter

Mat-o-Wahl - a simple Wahl-o-Mat for large and small elections

We inform voters in a playful, fast and simple way.

Matthias Steudtner


We turn the development of AI technologies into a participatory process.

Jie Liang Lin

More collaborative apps and reach for OpenAppStack

We enable organizations to host their online applications in a decentralized and make them available securely.

Mark Swillus, Varac

Open Audio Search

We make Speech2Text available for many users.

Sid Moreira da Silva, Franz Heinzmann, Joseline Veit, Henning Schumann

Open Legal Tech

We support people in their communication with administration and authorities.

Magdalena Noffke


We develop an open construction platform.

Simon Deeg, Andreas Picker

We democratize satellite data.

Niklas Jordan

PAID - Care Billing in Germany

We are building a program library for the billing of care services.

Michael Kamphausen, Alexander Schmidtpeter, Tobias Zwick


We enable groups to better organize their digital meetings.

Azul, Jonas

Quba Viewer

We simplify the verification of e-invoices.

Jochen Stärk


We consolidate data on migration across the Mediterranean and make them accessible.

Mareike Ippen, Nicolas Zemke, Sascha Kiefer (Contributor)