Projects - Round 8

September 2020 to February 2021

For the 8th round of the Prototype Fund, we have not chosen an additional thematic focus besides the four basic pillars of Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure.

Demo Week of Round 8.

To the final reports of the projects.

Tatort Rechts

We show how many violent acts of right-wing extremism are committed in Germany.

Anna Neifer, Johannes Filter


We bridge language barriers for more accessibility in theatres and operas.

Kristian Kamph, , Kristian Kamph, Philip Steimel, Ilja Fontaine


We enable dynamic conversation processes in the digital space.

Anke Riemer, , Anke Riemer, Kai Berthold, David Grieshammer


We use virtual reality to make climate change tangible for students.

Julian Fürstenau, Robert Greve, Michael Pogorzhelskiy,


We relieve cancer patients with intuitive and modular cancer management.

Christian Schulz, , , , , Christian Schulz, Christoph Speier, Sebastian Schroth, Jonas Jung, Sebastian Schneider, Dennise Cepeda

Direct Democracy Digital

We help to organise referendums.

Laura Brämswig, Joy Ponader, Timur Celikel, Valentin Schagerl, Julia Baumhauer


We simplify utilisation management for open workshops.

Kai Kriegel, Joseph Langosch, Jannis Rieger, Gregor Reitzenstein, Tasso Mulzer


We enable the secure storage of health data in the Nextcloud.

Aysel Afsar, Evren Ozkan, Armin Moehrle, Sanya Glisic

Law & Orga

We support Refugee Law Clinics so that they can offer even better advice.

Dominik Walser

ML Tooling

We make machine learning accessible to a larger audience.

Lukas Masuch, Benjamin Räthlein, Jan Kalkan

Oh My Git!

We create a playful approach to learning Git.

blinry, bleeptrack


We simplify organisation and cooperation for city garden projects.

Johannes Lötzsch, Sebastian Tilsch, Claudia Rüdiger, Stephanie Hofmann, Philipp Michael

Residential Reporter

We make speculative real estate vacancies visible.



We help to evaluate acts of extreme right-wing violence.

Christoph Trost

RiseupVPN - OONI - IPv6

We improve RiseupVPN by making it more robust against censorship attempts.

Richard Johannes, Michiel Nuyts


We complete the OpenStreetMap using gamification.

Tobias Zwick


We help social organisations to optimise their advisory processes and facilitate access to them.

Richard Meinsen, Christoph Haufe