Projects - Round 7

March 2020 to August 2020

For Round 7, in addition to the four basic pillars of Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure, we have chosen an additional thematic focus:

Engineering Trust – Building Trust

Civic tech tools that enable better access to information and strengthen public discourse on the one hand – fear of bots and voter manipulation on the other: What is the role of trust in the interaction of society and technology and which measures and tools have a positive impact on trust building in the digital but also analog space?

To conclude the round, the teams presented their projects at the Prototype Fund’s first Demo Week.

To the final reports of the projects.

Dystonse - probability-based public transport route search

We enhance people’ s trust in public transport.

Kirstin Rohwer, Lena Schimmel


We simplify operations for emergency services.

Andreas Brain

Annotate & Chill

We show from which sources information has been obtained.

Simon Wörpel

Bright Sky

We make weather data easier to access.

Jakob de Maeyer

Civil Maritime Rescue Coordination Center

We simplify cooperation for people involved in sea rescue.

Lea Reisner, Jonas Wiegert, Nicolas Zemke, Mareike Ippen


We reduce the workload of nursing staff and help patients to become more independent.

Michael Kamphausen

DDD: Digitize German Documents

We extract continuous text from PDFs.

Johannes Filter - infrastructure for representation of civil society´s interests

We enable digital participation procedures for citizens’ initiatives.

Maria Haberer, Boris Hekele, Andreas Hellwig

Ethidat - the CO2 database

We show how much CO2 businesses produce.

Lars Wissler, Elias Philipp


We make eye tracking useable for people with disabilities.

Hannah Ricksgers, Jana Tempes, Markus Hörmann, Maximilian Besold

Food Rescue App

We show how Iong the shelf life of food really is.

Matthias Ansorg, Micha Gattinger

HundredEyes - a tool for trust-building measures

We create new perspectives for local journalism.

Astrid Csuraji, Jakob Vicari


We protect the identity of citizens.

Sina Beckstein, Julian Rösner


We make human rights violation data accessible securely.

Hadi Al Khatib, Giovanni Civardi, Christo Buschek

Nextcloud Collectives

We simplify collaboration for social movements in the cloud.

Azul, Jonas


We protect public infrastructure from hacking attacks.

Alexander Wamack


We remove personal data from texts.

Pascal Berrang, Jonas Langhabel, Malte Ostendorff, Saskia Ostendorff


We ensure that the results of scientific research are reproducible and transparent.

Simon Danisch

Recovery Cat

We help people with diseases to generate continuous and confidential health reports.

Alissa Rohrbach, Alexey Rodriguez Yakushev, Andreas Pittrich

STATISTIK ERKLÄRT – Explorable Explanations for Regional Statistics

We explain the background of official statistics in a way that more people feel confident to work with them.

Patricia Ennenbach, Christian Rijke, Simon Jockers

Trustping - secure connections, for people with cancer

We provide a platform where people with cancer can communicate in a protected environment.

Anke Nowottne, Stefan Otte