Projects - Round 3

March 2018 until August 2018

For the 3rd round of the Prototype Fund, we have chosen an additional thematic focus in addition to the four basic pillars Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure:

Diversity – Open Source for everyone!

This diversity in the digital world can look quite different: Whether diverse target groups for tools, in the form of diverse teams or “Security through Diversity”.

Photos and video from the Demo Day of Round 3.

To the final reports of the projects.


We help to document the own menstrual cycle locally and encrypted.

Marie Kochsiek, Tina Baumann, Julia Friesel

Share the Crops

We connect people who are active in community-supported agriculture.

Simon Jockers, Maria Dolecek, Charis Braun


We are a software for voice training for trans people.

Yvonne Reinhardt, Saskia Gennrich

ACCID - Automated Clustering of Conflict Incident Data

We are developing an automated tool for clustering digital content.

Hadi al Khatib, Jeff Deutch, Nikolas Para

Blue Light Planner

We simplify the planning of emergency doctors and ambulances.

Christian Strunz, Adrian Stabiszewski

Briar Mailbox

We are an encrypted messenger app that stores only the messages on the users’ devices.

Julian Dehm, Benedikt Wieder


We are a platform for the discussion of specific political projects.

Magnus Rembold


We offer a barrier-free source code editor.

Adrian Heine, Marijn Haverbeke

Diversity Tickets

We ensure more diversity at technology conferences.

Jessica Grzanna, Candela Jiménez Girón


We provide an interactive map showing which municipality receives how much money from the EU.

Emoke Bada, Balazs Bonis, Balazs Krich

Eye Skills

We treat strabismus with the help of a mobile phone game.

Thomas Senior

Fake Files

We help to expose recurring false reports quickly.

Karolin Schwarz, Simon Wörpel

Follow the Grant

We store on our website which doctors and scientists have received funds from companies.

Elena Erdmann, Hristio Boytchev, Karl Scholze, Simon Wörpel

Global Agriculture Information Platform (GAIPA)

We prepare information on agriculture for small farmers in developing countries in an understandable way.

Jan Schwabe, Toni Hassenmeier

Independent Solar Energy Mesh System (ISEMS)

We offer users the opportunity to set up their own communication network independent of the power grid.

Elektra Wagenrad, Monic Meisel, Knut Hühne

Media Uncovered

We analyze the language usage of news portals for political and ideological tendencies.

Natalie Widmann, Theo van den Boogart

We enable people without prior knowledge to build a digital infrastructure themselves.

Hannes Mehnert, Stefanie Schirmer

Self-hosted Web-Archive (Web-Memex)

We enable users to save entire websites on their own computer.


Sex Education for All

We are developing a learning and exchange platform for young people on the subject of sexuality.

Cornelia Blum

Staying Live

We provide secure streaming for all browsers.

Yoshua Wuyts


We improve video navigation on

Sebastian Morr


We scour the net for videos of human rights violations.

Adam Harvey


We improve the quality for live transmission of lectures.

Patrick Hoffmann