Projects - Round 12

March 2022 to February 2023

For the 12th round of the Prototype Fund, we have not chosen an additional thematic focus besides the four basic pillars of civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure.

You can read the background to this as well as the overarching findings from the accompanying research for round 12 in this blog post. The accompanying research report can be found here.

BBND - Der Big Brother Newsletter Detector

We control the opening- and click-tracker in your newsletters.

Merlin Axel Rutz, Leonie Meder, Andi Rüther, Rainer Halbmann

Boxtribute 2.0

We are helping to distribute relief supplies fair and respectfully.

Exodus 3.0 - Interplanetary informationsearch

We make search engines safe and transparent.

Yoel Zimmermann, Edward Zimmermann

Extension of a no-code plattform for humanitarian crisis reaction

We are simplifying logistic processes for humanitarian aid.

Daniel Spaude, Ewa Flis

Further developement of foodsoft

We improve Foodsoft and relief Foodcoops’ work.

Hands-Free Phone

We make telephone calls accessible.

IFC-HIVE - Open BIM Common Data Environment

We create a cloud based storage solution for integrated construction data.

Linking Parliamentary Debates

We make parlamentarian debates transparent and digitally accessible.

Joscha Jäger

MedAbb - medical abortion accompany

We create a mobile App that accompanies patients during their medical termination of unwanted pregnancies or miscarriages.

Leonie Kühn, Jana Maeffert, Dani Nikitenko, Lena Schuster

My Rights

We make verdicts accessible and understandable.

Viraaj Akuthota, Ilka Bartsch, Max Eckert, Julian Karth

Open Android Installer

We simplify the installation of free android operating systems.

Open Case

We create a tool for real time intervention and documentation of cases of human rights violation.

Luca Obertüfer, Malte Löhlein, Nicolas Welti, Tayeb Bayri, Mahmoumd Tamaa

Parking space data from OpenStreetMap -  processing and visualization 

We collect and visualize parking space data.

Lars Lingner, Axel Seidel, Tobias Jordans

Prototype -  Interconnectivity for social network

We want to create interconnectivity for social networks.

Steffen Schnürer, Martin Miller, Jana Rühle, Laurin Weger

Pseudify -  Pseudonymization for developers

We guarantee data security through pseudonymization.

Ralf Zimmermann

StoryWeb - structured journalism with a participant's network

We create a research tool out of journalistic knowledge

Urban Transport Analyst (UTA)

We visualize social injustice in city traffic.

Mark Padgham

Voice-QL: Explore databases with spoken language accessibly

We make databases accessible for everyone.

Frank Börncke

XRevent Broadcaster

We develope a free software for broadcasting direction.