Projects - Round 11

March 2022 to August 2022

For the 11th round of the Prototype Fund, we have not chosen an additional thematic focus besides the four basic pillars of civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure.

You can read the background to this as well as the overarching findings from the accompanying research for round 11 in this blog post. The accompanying research report can be found here.

AI to detect vulgar language

We help to detect vulgar language.

Nicolas Kuhaupt

An App for Data

We simplify your data protection requests.

Benjamin Altpeter, Lorenz Sieben

CIN - An Open source cash register system compatible with KassenSichV 2020

We build your open source POS system with integrated technical security.

Lars Böttcher

Common Syllabi

We make curricula accessible.

Pierre Depaz, Tobias Schmidt

doc2data - simplifying document processing through ML

We speed up administrative processes with artificial intelligence.

Sergej Levich

Easy-to-use configuration tool for Qubes OS

We enable an easy configuration of Qubes OS.

Extension of Boxtribute to support Transient Refugees

We simplify mobile aid distribution to Transient Refugees.

Daniel Spaude, Ewa Flis


We enable digital collaboration – entirely without cloud infrastructure.

Eileen Wagner, Vincent Ahrend


We facilitate the organisation of spontaneous helpers.

Sarah Stoffels, Nils Witt, Thomas Mielke, Alexander Blum, Angelika Ehrlich

Gitea in the Fediverse

We network self-hosted Gitea instances..

Janis Estelmann

GNOME Shell Mobile

We improve GNOME for mobile devices.

Tobias Bernard, Jonas Dreßler


We give those affected by online hate speech a tool to defend themselves.

master_me - better sound for streaming and conferences

We optimize the sound for open streaming infrastructures.

Klaus Scheuermann

Open ML kit for Android

We are an ML/AI library with open models for Android systems.

Katharina Rasch

Open Needs DB

We build (your) database for secure software development.

Daniel Woste, Marco Heinemann


We enable you to artfully recycle old raw materials.

Simon Deeg, Andreas Picker


Content detection at your fingertips.

Remove NA

We make queer history accessible in digital space.

Katharina Brunner

SHAR_E_BOX - The platform for eMobility

We support the expansion of eMobility through digital networking of the existing infrastructure.

Marc Weis, Fereydun Khanide

Small Device C Compiler - Standardcompatibility and Usability

We develop a user-friendly compiler for 8-bit microcontrollers.

Dr. Philipp Krause, Dr. Felix Salfelder, Benedikt Freisen

SourceRider - The 'Fake News' Quiz App

We help to recognise Fake News in a playful way.

Jannik Werner, Simon Sasse

The Open Hearing Project

We enable people to customize the sound of their hearing amplification to meet individual needs.

Peggy Sylopp


We are developing a bridge between the secure messenger Threema and the open Matrix protocol.

Moritz Stückler, Fabian Schmidt