Projects - Round 10

For the 10th round of the Prototype Fund, we have not chosen an additional thematic focus besides the four basic pillars of civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure.

You can read the background to this as well as the overarching findings from the accompanying research for round 10 in this blog post. The accompanying research report can be found here.

Demo Week of round 10.

A thousand channels - a queer platform

We are building a digital platform for queer stories in the urban space.

Thomas Böker, Dafne Jaramillo, Ulf Treger


We build a desktop software for audio editing of the spoken word.

Karl Engelhardt, Jaro Habiger


We make digital infrastructure production more transparent and accountable.

Boxtribute - API for database access and optimized exchange of relief goods

We provide dignified care for those in need in emergency situations.

Philipp Metzner

Briar Desktop

We develop a platform independent desktop version for Briar.

Nico Alt, Sebastian Kürten, Mo Zielinski, Mikolai Gütschow

Chatmosphere 2.0: Scaling

We extend Chatmosphere for large groups and make it more stable.

Anke Riemer, David Grieshammer, Christian Ivanis

COVER-REST – Find features, avoid stress

We automate the finding of features in the source code.

Thorsten Behrens

Digital Makerspace

We provide free digital tools for everyone.

André Kless


We enable streaming, recording and export for open source video solutions.

Hong Phuc Dang, Nangialei Safi, Mario Behling

Face the Facts

We make all important information about politicians accessible directly on the election poster via cell phone camera.

Victor Bellu, Olliver Köditz, Richard Krümmel, Takahiro Mitsui - Find and Book Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Owned Businesses

We facilitate the search for BAME Businesses.

Peter Akpotosu-Nartey, Bhushan Lodha


We network deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people.

Aniella Tiedje, Katharina Brauner, Tim Lindenau, Robin Naumann, Clara Simon


We simplify gender-neutral writin.

Karl Engelhardt, Charlotte Friedrich, Felix Kattner, Philipp Müller

joureka - With more ease from interview to article

We make the work of journalists easier.

Felix Mertineit, Ana-Maria Tomi

Law in progress

We make legislative changes transparent.

Tobias Sterbak, Noa Tamir

List OCR for the Arolsen Archives

Wir vereinfachen die Bearbeitung von Listendokumenten für die Arolsen Archives.

Thomas Werkmeister


We promote inclusive and non-discriminatory translations.

Timur Celikel, Anna von Rath, Lucy Gasser, Kolja Lange

Mastodon: Mobile Apps and E2E Encryption

We are developing an Android app for Mastodon.

Eugen Rochko


We enable secure, self-managed digital legacy for all.

Konrad Mohrfeldt, Robert, Steffen

Open Public Transport

We show you how well you can get around by public transport.

Florian Schwanz, Florian Lorisch, Leon Marvin Schlote, Michael Schwabe


We implement the MLS library for secure communication.

Raphael Robert


We show which companies are subject to international sanctions.

Friedrich Lindenberg

Operation simulator for civil protection executives

We are developing a low-threshold exercise facility for population protection.

Klaus Herberth


We make information about politicians accessible and searchable.

Michael Perk, Jonas Dippel


We want to collect and evaluate public content on Telegram.

Grischa Stanjek, Gregor Weichbrodt, Tuija Wigard

The Everything Exhibition

We transform content from Wikipedia into virtual exhibitions.

blinry, bleeptrack

Timber Computer

We make sustainable construction tangible.

Martin Bittmann, Leonard Schrage

tuttle - painless business planning for freelancers

We are developing a financial planning tool that meets the needs of solo self-employed people.

Christian Staudt

XR-Event Plattform

We enable artists to create hybrid cross-reality events.

Anke von der Heide, Tobias Fischer, Thorbjörn Ruppel, Tom Milter