We fund Public Interest Tech.

The next application phase starts 1 February 2023.

The Prototype Fund supports software developers, designers and other creatives in transforming their ideas from concept to software prototype. Whether society, education, environment or technical sovereignty – together we explore and test new ways for technical and social innovations as open source software from society and for society.

Users are not only consumers of software, but often also experts: We make use of this intersection and offer the technically skilled civil society access to the resources and processes that are necessary to contribute to the common good. Funding is provided for public interest technologies, i.e. technologies with added social value that focus on the needs of users and are freely available, sustainably accessible and adaptable as open source software. Within this, the four funding priorities are Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure.

Until 2025, we will support software projects in a total of 16 funding rounds. The projects, which are selected by a jury of experts and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will receive up to €47,500 in funding from the BMBF over a period of six months, as well as coaching, consulting and networking services. The relatively short funding period and low funding amounts enable prototypical testing of ideas.

12,3 Mio €



FUNDED PROJECTS (incl. #wirvsvirus)

47.500 €


Public Interest Tech

Developers from civil society create technologies that focus on the needs of users and are freely available. These technologies - regardless of their (financial) usability - form the basis of our (digital) coexistence and create added value for society.


Funding is available for independent programmers and small teams based in Germany. Each project is supported with a maximum of 47,500€. From 2016 to 2024, up to 25 innovative projects will be funded in 16 funding rounds.

Time frame

You have 6 months for the implementation from concept to prototype.

Open Source

Your results must be made publicly available under an open source license.