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We identify human rights violations in the production of electrical appliances.


We educate young people about the protection of personal data.

A different Election-o-Meter

We are a Wahl-O-Mat based on the previous behaviour of a party.

Election Data Helper

We prepare open source election data in an exciting and creative way.

Automated Open Data City Census

We show how transparent and open Germany’s cities are.

Nuclear Waste Treasure Map

We search online together with the users for suitable final storage locations for nuclear waste.

OPENLEGALDATA.IO – Open Legal Data Platform

We are making jurisdiction more transparent.

Sex Education for All

We are developing a learning and exchange platform for young people on the subject of sexuality.

Global Agriculture Information Platform (GAIPA)

We prepare information on agriculture for small farmers in developing countries in an understandable way.

Follow the Grant

We store on our website which doctors and scientists have received funds from companies.