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StoryWeb - structured journalism with a participant's network

We create a research tool out of journalistic knowledge

BBND - Der Big Brother Newsletter Detector

We control the opening- and click-tracker in your newsletters.

Open Case

We create a tool for real time intervention and documentation of cases of human rights violation.

Parking space data from OpenStreetMap -  processing and visualization 

We collect and visualize parking space data.

Extension of a no-code plattform for humanitarian crisis reaction

We are simplifying logistic processes for humanitarian aid.

My Rights

We make verdicts accessible and understandable.

Linking Parliamentary Debates

We make parlamentarian debates transparent and digitally accessible.

Boxtribute 2.0

We are helping to distribute relief supplies fair and respectfully.

Leerstandsmelder- for more transparancy and possibilities

We make vacancies visible.

Further developement of foodsoft

We improve Foodsoft and relief Foodcoops’ work.