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We help you to find Bias in NLP-Anwendung.

Neue Digitale Patientenverfügung: Transparent und interoperabel

We create a privacy-compliant, digital patient directive.

audilu - Audio Descriptions made simple

An easy way to create audio descriptions.

Symp-lator: Medical Symptom Translator

We are translating your symptoms.

Luna LMS – easy multimodal learning

We make digital learning accessible.

Tauritron. An open source webinterface for a worldwide applicable energysystemstudy.

Energyplan decisions transparent for citizens and decision-makers.

Forms Wizard

We simplify creating formulars and collecting data.


We explain kids CAD.


We create a map to locate public sport facilities.

gget - genomic database always at your hands

We simplify and optimise the retrieval of information from big genomic databases.