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Gitea in the Fediverse

We network self-hosted Gitea instances..


We enable digital collaboration – entirely without cloud infrastructure.

CIN - An Open source cash register system compatible with KassenSichV 2020

We build your open source POS system with integrated technical security.


We enable you to artfully recycle old raw materials.

SHAR_E_BOX - The platform for eMobility

We support the expansion of eMobility through digital networking of the existing infrastructure.

Small Device C Compiler - Standardcompatibility and Usability

We develop a user-friendly compiler for 8-bit microcontrollers.

The Open Hearing Project

We enable people to customize the sound of their hearing amplification to meet individual needs.


We are developing a bridge between the secure messenger Threema and the open Matrix protocol.


We facilitate the organisation of spontaneous helpers.

SOUNDSGOOD - better sound for streaming and conferences

We optimize the sound for open streaming infrastructures.