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SearchWing- Presentation of drone data for the maritim sea rescue

We built drones for sea resue.

Open Case

We create a tool for real time intervention and documentation of cases of human rights violation.

Extension of a no-code plattform for humanitarian crisis reaction

We are simplifying logistic processes for humanitarian aid.


We give those affected by online hate speech a tool to defend themselves.

Extension of Boxtribute to support Transient Refugees

We simplify mobile aid distribution to Transient Refugees. - Claim your rights and file an application for asylum!

We enable people on the run to apply for asylum quickly and easily.

Boxtribute - API for database access and optimized exchange of relief goods

We provide dignified care for those in need in emergency situations.


We turn the development of AI technologies into a participatory process.

Open Legal Tech

We support people in their communication with administration and authorities.

We are the central database for donation centers.