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SiC - Secured management operations through signed containers

We enable container signature automation – for more security in the software supply chain.


OpenPIMS: No More Cookie-Banner

We end the cookie-banner flooding.

I am here! The attendency list!

We help you to record student attendencies.

SearchWing- Presentation of drone data for the maritim sea rescue

We built drones for sea resue.


We are building a decentralized authentication system for minors.



We acesibly provide weather data from the german metereological service.

Open Android Installer

We simplify the installation of free android operating systems.

Generalisation of OpenStreetMap-Daten with osm2pgsql

We remix maps.

Pseudify -  Pseudonymization for developers

We guarantee data security through pseudonymization.

Exodus 3.0 - Interplanetary informationsearch

We make search engines safe and transparent.