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Open Android Installer

Installing free Android operating systems made easy.

Generalisation of OpenStreetMap-Daten with osm2pgsql

We remix maps.

Pseudify -  Pseudonymization for developers

We guarantee data security through pseudonymization.

Exodus 3.0 - Interplanetary informationsearch

We make search engines safe and transparent.

Prototype -  Interconnectivity for social network

We want to create interconnectivity for social networks.

Hands-Free Phone

We make telephone calls accessible.

XRevent Broadcaster

We develope a free software for broadcasting direction.

CIN - An Open source cash register system compatible with KassenSichV 2020

We build your open source POS system with integrated technical security.

Small Device C Compiler - Standardcompatibility and Usability

We develop a user-friendly compiler for 8-bit microcontrollers.


We are developing a bridge between the secure messenger Threema and the open Matrix protocol.