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Gitea in the Fediverse

We network self-hosted Gitea instances..

ESP Independent Solar Energy Mesh Node Firmware

We lower the entrance threshold for a solar-powered communication structure.

Robust OpenVPN Client With Low Use of Resources

We offer a simple yet robust VPN client.

Open Source Push Service for Android Apps

We offer push news for providers outside the large, proprietary app stores.

Emergency Warning System for Open Source Mobile Communication

We democratise the availability of mobile phone warning systems.

Portable Firewall for QubesOS

We develop a resource-saving firewall for QubesOS.

Bitmask enhanced VPN for Android

We offer a simple VPN client with all important security features.

Pluggable transports for LEAP: self-hosted VPN

We offer an easy to set up VPN client.

Independent Solar Energy Mesh System (ISEMS)

We offer users the opportunity to set up their own communication network independent of the power grid.