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OpenSanctions - like facebook, but for terrorists.

We show which companies are subject to international sanctions.

Mastodon: Mobile Apps and E2E Encryption

We are developing an Android app for Mastodon.

joureka - With more ease from interview to article

We make the work of journalists easier.


We build a desktop software for audio editing of the spoken word.

Analysis and research software for Telegram

We want to collect and evaluate public content on Telegram.

Open Audio Search

We make Speech2Text available for many users.

cooarchi: community oriented archive interface

We create collaborative archives for the cultural sector.

HundredEyes - a tool for trust-building measures

We create new perspectives for local journalism.

Annotate & Chill

We show from which sources information has been obtained.

DDD: Digitize German Documents

We extract continuous text from PDFs.