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Neue Digitale Patientenverfügung: Transparent und interoperabel

We create a privacy-compliant, digital patient directive.

MedAbb - medical abortion accompany

We create a mobile App that accompanies patients during their medical termination of unwanted pregnancies or miscarriages.

PAID - Care Billing in Germany

We are building a program library for the billing of care services.


We relieve cancer patients with intuitive and modular cancer management.


We refer COVID-19 recoveries to institutions that need support.


We record the capacity utilisation of shops and display it to customers.

Digitales Wartezimmer UX

We offer COVID-19 patients a central, digital point of contact – from suspected cases to testing, quarantine and recovery.


We respond to the insecurity of citizens with AI-supported information hotlines.


We provide low-threshold information and personalised support services for mental health promotion and mental health problems.


We show how COVID-19 measures affect the activities in public space.