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XR-Event Plattform

We enable artists to create hybrid cross-reality events.

Chatmosphere 2.0: Scaling aka fluid break-out rooms

We add break-out rooms to Chatmosphere and make it more stable.


We are a search engine for open source code.


We enable groups to better organize their digital meetings.

More collaborative apps and reach for OpenAppStack

We enable organizations to host their online applications in a decentralized and make them available securely.


We simplify organisation and cooperation for city garden projects.


We simplify utilisation management for open workshops.


We enable dynamic conversation processes in the digital space.

LabHive – die digitale Plattform für ein starkes Diagnostiknetzwerk

We are joining forces for more SARS-CoV-2 tests.

The digital stage

We provide performing artists* with a smooth online rehearsal.