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We network the carers and clients of child and youth services with each other.


We respond to the insecurity of citizens with AI-supported information hotlines.

Explain Corona4Kids

We make the COVID 19 pandemic comprehensible to children.

Zeit Zuhause

We facilitate digital knowledge transfer.

Open Research on COVID-19

We provide a simple data retrieval model for scientific publications around Covid-19.


Wir bauen eine Kollaborationsplattform für den wissenschaftlichen Austausch über Publikationen zum Coronavirus.


We can inform you about how many people are really ill with COVID-19.

STATISTIK ERKLÄRT – Explorable Explanations for Regional Statistics

We explain the background of official statistics in a way that more people feel confident to work with them.


We help to better understand and design algorithmic systems.

Filtering Hate Speech

We inform users about Machine Learning without hate comments.