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The Open Hearing Project

We enable people to customize the sound of their hearing amplification to meet individual needs.

Remove NA

We make queer history accessible in digital space.


We network deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people. - Find and Book Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Owned Businesses

We facilitate the search for BAME Businesses.


We simplify gender-neutral writin.

A thousand channels - a queer platform

We are building a digital platform for queer stories in the urban space.


We help people with visual impairments to greater mobility.


We bridge language barriers for more accessibility in theatres and operas.

Multimodal routing engine for wheelchair users and bike messengers

We provide a personalized and barrier-free navigation.

Freigeist – digital prostheses for cognitive limitations

We develop digital prostheses for increased participation of people with cognitive impairments in their daily work.