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STATISTIK ERKLÄRT – Explorable Explanations for Regional Statistics

We explain the background of official statistics in a way that more people feel confident to work with them.

Sensor.Community - Ökosystem aller Luftdaten-Community-Projekte

We connect different projects of air pollution measurement.

Multimodal routing engine for wheelchair users and bike messengers

We provide a personalized and barrier-free navigation.

“Data Analyst”- Mode for openSenseMap

We make data analysis accessible to everyone.

Festival Grid

We help to make festivals climate-neutral.


We provide an overview of various scenarios for the energy revolution.


We provide a data-based, detailed overview of the development of rent rates.

VISOR (Visualisation Instrument for Shared Open pRocesses)

We facilitate participation in the urban development process.

Open Metro Maps

We help users to produce free-to-use map material about public transport.


We prepare statistical data from the federal state offices in a clear and concise manner.