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Prototype Blog · 18.Oct 2017

260+ ideas, 0 cyber: Stats from the 3rd application round

Applications are closed for now and we have some stats for you.

We’re delighted that we received more than 260 applications for the third round of Prototype Fund!

Many of the applicants addressed the topic of diversity, which was our topic for this round. Asked in the application how their project relates to this topic, only two answered “not at all”.

Speaking of diversity: 19 percent of applications were submitted by women. In the first and second round, 7 and 11 percent of applications were submitted by women, respectively. We’re very happy about this increase and we’re committed to continue working for a more diverse community.

Now, let’s look at the ranking of the most popular first names: For men, Thomas and Michael take the top spot. For women, we now have some names with n > 1 and proudly present our first ranking: Katharina is the most popular name among female applicants, followed closely by Laura and Lisa.

Let’s talk about teamwork! 58 percent of applicants want to work on their project in a team. That’s even more than last round, when we had 44 percent teams. Even when coding a project themselves, almost all applicants use and build on work by others – that’s the beauty of open source.


  • 11 projects are confident the cloud (™) is the future
  • 6 projects want to address a problem of society through the blockchain
  • 0 projects mention cyber or unicorns. That makes us sad.

Thank you to all the applicants for your ideas and your work in open source! The jury now has the tough task of deciding on the finalists.

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