Projects - Round 2

September 2017 until February 2018

For the second round of the Prototype Fund, we have chosen an additional thematic focus in addition to the four basic pillars of Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Data Security and Software Infrastructure:

Tools for a strong civil society

In this cohort, we´re concentrating on tools which assist in connecting and organising civil society and enable people to become self-determined and act politically informed.

The Demo Day of Round 2 – and the video.

The final reports of the projects.


We are an open source ticket shop with no major hardware and software hurdles.

Raphael Michel


We use Machine Learning to facilitate the capture of text documents.

Natalie Widmann

A different Election-o-Meter

We are a Wahl-O-Mat based on the previous behaviour of a party.

Vincent Ahrend


We are a graphical survey tool for perceived truths.

David Goldwich, Tin Fischer

Automated Open Data City Census

We show how transparent and open Germany’s cities are.

Mila Frerichs

Bitmask enhanced VPN for Android

We offer a simple VPN client with all important security features.

Richard Johannes


We enable more people to participate in financial decisions.

Jessy-Kate Schingler, Francesca Pick, Kate Beecroft, Michael Arnoldus, Juliana Lopker


We integrate refugees into their neighbourhood.

Christian Rotzoll, Patrick Pachur


We are an activist wiki.

crabgrass dev team


We prepare statistical data from the federal state offices in a clear and concise manner.

Simon Jockers, Simon Wörpel


We convert suggestions for improvement of online tools into specific tasks.

Andreas Pittrich

Documents for Democracy

We enable collaborative work with document software from different providers.

Yasmin Klemmt, Svante Schubert, Lars Behrmann

Election Data Helper

We prepare open source election data in an exciting and creative way.

Jan Kus, Tatjana Lajendäcker


We enable the collaborative collection and processing of geographical data.

Moritz Duchêne

Nuclear Waste Treasure Map

We search online together with the users for suitable final storage locations for nuclear waste.

Solveig Schröder, Bernd Marticke, Henrik Eliasson

Open Metro Maps

We help users to produce free-to-use map material about public transport.

Sebastian Kürten

Open Source Council Information System

We make information on municipal politics easily accessible.

Konstantin Schütze, Tobias Hößl


We are a social media analysis tool for the non-commercial sector.

Martin Fuchs, Niels Richter, Jona Hölderle

Search and Rescue Application

We help the civil sea rescue service to coordinate missions.

Joshua Krüger, Nicolas Zemke, Hendrik Simon


We facilitate exchange and networking for locally involved groups.

Konrad, Lars, Robert


We connect people with different expertises.

Andreas Baldeau, Henry Bubert, Torben Spieker, Kathia von Roth, Sascha Wollin


We enable activists to easily produce high-quality video clips.

Felix Held

VISOR (Visualisation Instrument for Shared Open pRocesses)

We facilitate participation in the urban development process.

Robert Wartenberg, Stefan Maka