Projects - Round 13

March 2023 to August 2023

For the 13th round of the Prototype Fund, we have not chosen an additional thematic focus besides the four basic pillars of civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure.

You can read the background to this as well as the overarching findings from the accompanying research for round 13 in this blog post. The accompanying research report can be found here.

Accesible and collaborative work with Emacspeak

We build an auditive client for video and audio conferences.

Michael Volz, Niclas Schmidt


We create a map to locate public sport facilities.

audilu - Audio Descriptions made simple

An easy way to create audio descriptions.


We help you to find Bias in NLP-Anwendung.

Stina Lohmüller, Tobias Sterbak

Boundary Agents

We make BIPOC history of the European Middle Ages visible.

Anne Kuhlmann-Smirnov, Ilya Smirnov


We acesibly provide weather data from the german metereological service.


We are building a decentralized authentication system for minors.


Dominik George

Documentation plattform for open hardware projects

We built a documentationa plattdorm for open source hardware.

Dietrich Jäger, Andreas Plank


We create a federal fleamarket application.

Forms Wizard

We simplify creating formulars and collecting data.

Johannes Lötzsch, Sebastian Tilsch, Jakob Stege, Samira Steinmayer

gget - genomic database always at your hands

We simplify and optimise the retrieval of information from big genomic databases.

Laura Lübbert

I am here! The attendency list!

We help you to record student attendencies.

Michael Merz

Luna LMS – easy multimodal learning

We make digital learning accessible.

Neue Digitale Patientenverfügung: Transparent und interoperabel

We create a privacy-compliant, digital patient directive.

Armin Biller, Nikola Biller-Adorna, Toben Kreuder, Marius Jesukulke

OpenPIMS: No More Cookie-Banner

We end the cookie-banner flooding.

Stefan Böck


We explain kids CAD.

Lucas Dieckmann

SiC - Secured management operations through signed containers

We enable container signature automation – for more security in the software supply chain.


Lucas Humfeldt, Thomas Fricke, Bianca Kastl, Gregor Bransky

Symp-lator: Medical Symptom Translator

We are translating your symptoms.

Muhit Paksoy, Hatice Pinar, Esra Zengin, Aytac Meral, Fatih Gönen


We create an userfriendly transcriptiontool.

Jaro Habiger, Karl Engelhardt, Robin Heinemann, Philipp Mandler


Future-proof tree planting with our help.

Christoph Trost