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COVER-REST – Find features, avoid stress

We automate the finding of features in the source code.


We are a search engine for open source code.

PAID - Care Billing in Germany

We are building a program library for the billing of care services.

More collaborative apps and reach for OpenAppStack

We enable organizations to host their online applications in a decentralized and make them available securely.


We improve the operation of BigBlueButton clusters.

RiseupVPN - OONI - IPv6

We improve RiseupVPN by making it more robust against censorship attempts.


We protect public infrastructure from hacking attacks.

ibeufin – Freie API und Sandbox für das europäische Finanzsystem

We enable smaller companies to develop and test financial software.


We enable the use of Android apps without the integration of Google Play services.


We make robotics and AI accessible to people.