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Prototype Blog · 01.Aug 2017

German Prototype Fund grants up to 30.000€ for Open Source Projects

*Call for Proposals – Deadline September 30, 2017*

The Prototype Fund supports software projects in data security, civic tech, data literacy and infrastructure. Developers living in Germany can apply for a grant to implement their ideas as an open source prototype. After two impressive rounds with 38 excellent finalists, the Prototype Fund is going into the third round.

Support: 30.000 € per project over 6 months
Application process: Answer 8 quick questions about your project!
Who can apply? Self-employed developers who live in Germany

We’re especially thrilled to announce a new focus in addition to the areas mentioned above: ‘Diversity: more open source for everyone!’ We understand diversity in both social and technical terms. In particular, we call for submissions that refer to one of the following meanings of the term:

  • Diverse teams. Teams that are made up of people with different backgrounds, who can incorporate diverse experiences and perspectives into their work. We would especially like to encourage women* to submit proposals.
  • Diverse target groups. Digital tools for different audiences, so that people are enabled beyond the digital mainstream. Tools should benefit not only a privileged minority, but as many as possible. Thus it is important that the needs of these user groups are included when designing new software.
  • Stability through diversity: Open and decentralized solutions for stable networks and self-determined users. Versatile, non-monopoly solutions help make the network safer and prevent attacks on infrastructure.


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